Pure Tung Oil PROMO

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Tung Oil (wood oil) is superior hard oil to care and protect unfinished and bare woods

• 100% natural, environmentally friendly and ideal for use on food contact objects
• Nourishes, harden and waterproofs allowing to breathe, protect from mold and fungi
• Natural matte-satin finish resistant to heat, water, alcohol, acids and alkalis
​• Does not significantly change the original color of the wood and will not darken with time
• Adds depth to woodgrain, producing beautiful antique-style finish
​​• ​Mix 50:50 of Tung Oil with boiled linseed results in a satin-gloss finish
• Drying oil, polymerizes (hardens) by auto-oxidation upon exposure to air
• Added as hardener, "improver" and Bio drier for linseed oil, teak oil etc.
• Color can be changed by adding Art & Restoration pigments and other colorants
• Durable hard and flexible finishing, applicable for indoor and outdoor
• Protects wood from corrosion caused by water; used for centuries as waterproof finish for boats and other wooden objects, suitable for permanent contact with freshwater and seawater 
• Perfect for waterproofing stone, concrete and cement
• Cures faster in warm environments

Pure tung oil is thick, high solid content dark amber-yellow oil with an characteristic mild odor; it can be applied pure or diluted; we recommend diluting at least the first and second coats, thinner will make the tung oil easier to apply, faster to dry, and will improve penetration; it depends on the density of the wood, we suggest to thin the oil at 70%, 50% or 30%. E.g. at 50% = 500gr of pure tung oil + 500gr(625ml) of white spirit, non-toxic turpentine and limonene

Caution in applying: direct sunlight can cause spontaneous polymerization and an "frost" effect

Tung oil is effective sealing waterproofing agent for paper, fabric (oil-cloth), stone and plasters.
It is a Bio replacement for polyurethanes and other potentially dangerous sealants / varnishes.

Easy application and maintenance for all indoor and outdoor projects
Yield (diluted) 1L = 15M2  From 2 to 6 coats  Polymerization = 4 days   Cure = 15 days

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