W&N Artists Sable Brush Round Pointed

An adaptation of the round, the extra fine tapered point aids accuracy and fine detail work, whilst the belly holds colour.

The Professional Water Colour Sable brush range has been created using our unique brush-making expertise and feedback from professional water colour artists. The brushes are hand-made with high quality Kolinsky sable hair, Birchwood handles and seamless nickel ferrules.

The range includes the most popular and useful brush shapes for water colour painting and each brush has a unique sculpted handle with a matt finish for the ultimate in comfort.

Handles: Available with short handles
Head shapes: Round, Pointed Round, Rigger, One Stroke

Selection: W&N Artists Sable Brush Round Pointed

Product no. Number Price
W&N Artists Round Pointed N3 Nº3 10.95 € *
W&N Artists Round Pointed N4 Nº4 12.05 € *
W&N Artists Round Pointed N5 Nº5 15.95 € *
W&N Artists Round Pointed N6 Nº6 21.95 € *
W&N Artists Round Pointed N7 Nº7 29.95 € *
W&N Artists Round Pointed N8 Nº8 36.95 € *

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