3M 8800+ Reusable Premium Hybrid Respirator

Latest version of Hybrid Premium Mask 3M 8825+ and 3M 8835+ with new generation of 3M™ (AEM) Advanced Electret filtering Media. 3M Particulate Respirators 8800+ series ensures an optimum three-dimensional seal around the face. Due to the flexible material, the mask adapts individually to the shape of face and permits secure seal seating. The mask is adjustable by the extra-wide four-point band attachment. New 3M™ advanced Electret filter medium ensures easy breathing at consistently high filter effectiveness. This feeds the air optimally to the face. The 3M™ Cool Flow™ exhalation valve allows dispersal of the exhaled heat and moisture, which also significantly reduces the occurrence of condensation on the glasses. Reusable. Technical Specifications

Supplied in units or BOX of 5 units

Selection: 3M 8800+ Reusable Premium Hybrid Respirator

Product no. Ref. Price
3M 8825+ 1Un FFP2 + Cool Flow™Valve 1-Un 12.95 € *
3M 8825+ BOX 5 PACK 5-Uns 54.90 € *
3M 8835+ 1Un FFP3 + Cool Flow™Valve 1-Un 15.95 € *
3M 8835+ BOX 5 BOX 5-Uns 64.90 € *

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