Acrylic Gilders Clay 125ml


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Ready-to-use gilders clay based on inert fillers dispersed in water-based acrylic resin.
• Designed for quick gilding technique with gold sizes.
• Must be applied in multiple layers.
• Apply the first coat using undiluted product.
• For subsequent coats, dilute the product from 30% to 40%.
• Allow to dry and apply again.
• We recommend use a stiff brush.
• Allow to dry between coats and, if necessary, sand with sandpaper and occasionally with steel wool or 3M Scotch-Brite Ultra-Fine.
Spray application:
• Dilute the product with water 1:1, seal by applying several coats.
• Finish with fine sandpaper and polish with steel wool or 3M Scotch-Brite.
The final finish of the substrate is essential for the application and superior shine of the gold leaf, gilt waxes or gilt varnishes.


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Colour: Yellow
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Colour: Red
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VAT included, shipping info

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