Laropal A 81 Aldehydic Resin

Laropal A 81 is a new generation of ultra-clear and yellowing-resistant aldehyde resin for pigments dispersions with excellent adhesiveness and reversibility over the years;New generation of ultra clear aldehydic resin fresistant to yellowing, with xcellent reversibility, heat resistance. Laropal A81 provides improved adesion, wetting and pigment dispersion properties. Choice of restorers and artists for preparation of high-end mediums and varnishes. Laropal is soluble in 40% White Spirit, pure alcohol and in a wide variety of polar and non-polar solvents. If you choose aromatic solvents, to improove stability at lower than 15Cº temperature would be necessesary addition of 25-40% of Shellsol A (to increase aromatic content). We recommend mix of Shellsol D40 60% + Shellsol A 40%.There are many recipes of an "perfect" varnish, consisting of 70% of aromatic solvents and 30% of pure alcohol like isopropanol or metanol. Increasing the percentage of aromatic solvent will increase the working time, increasing the alcohol content will give you a cleaner finish but decreased working time. To prepare an perfect varnish at your preference we would recommend test different options with Shellsol D40, Shellsol A, isopropanol or metanol and we also recommend addition of butanol as an slow evaporation alcohol.

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