Primal WS-24 Acrylic Emulsion Ultra Transparent

Solids: 36%
pH: 7.0
Viscosity <600 mPas

Neutral pH 7.0 ultra transparent low viscosity acrylic microemulsion with enhanced UV stability, high penetration and high adhesive properties. Perfect as an consolidant, as an acrylic adhesive and perfect as an tough acrylic waterbased varnish. Versatility of Primal WS-24 makes it one of the most successful and most versatile acrylic emulsions in the field of restoration and fine arts

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Selection: Primal WS-24 Acrylic Emulsion Ultra Transparent

Product no. Options Price
Primal WS-24 1K 1Kg 18.90 € *
Primal WS-24 5K 5Kg 79.90 € *

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