Reflexx 90 Industrial Gloves


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REFLEXX S.p.A. designs, develops and manufactures professional gloves for maximum protection and performance, with superior elasticity for great sensitiveness thanks to high technology plants and a thorough choice and selection of the raw materials with extreme attention to products consistency, a major value in massive productions. Continuous research of innovative products and materials offering best protection at the lowest possible cost.

Reflexx 90 latex reusable gloves supplied in 1 pair S/M/L/XL sizes

Selection: Reflexx 90 Industrial Gloves

Product no. Size/Ref. Price
Reflexx 90-S S 1.05 € *
Reflexx 90-M M 1.05 € *
Reflexx 90-L L 1.05 € *
Reflexx 90-XL XL 1.05 € *

VAT included, shipping info

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