Regalrez 1094 Hydrocarbon Resin

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Regalrez 1094 is fully hydrogenated ultra-clear hydrocarbon resin with low molecular weight exceptionally resistant to ageing, oxidation and suggested for use where clarity, resistance to yellowing and excellent UV stability is a requirement.  Easily soluble in aromatic solvents; diluted to 20-30%, is ideal for preparation of final or reversible retouching varnish. Small molecules ensures uniform distribution, excellent adhesion and low viscosity of varnish.

Link 1 - Low molecular weight varnishes. Interview to E. René de la Rie

Hydrocarbon Resin Regalrez® 1094 + Kraton G1650 (Varnish developed by Mr. E. René de la Rie - head of scientific research at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC)

Regalrez® 1094 46.0 g (23% resin/solvent)
Kraton® G1650 4.0 g (2% rubber/solvent)
Tinuvin® 292 1.0 g (2% HALS/resin)
Solvent 150.0 gr - 75% of total weight
Total 201.0 gr - 100%

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