Pure Tung Oil

  Pure and natural oil for treating raw wood: hydrate, harden and protect
• Ideal for use on food contact objects
• Resistant to water, heat, alcohol
• Natural and durable matte finish
• Do not significantly change the original color of the wood
• Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

Can be applied pure or diluted. Usually diluted at 50%. Depend of density of wood, we suggest try 3 different dilutions at 30%, at 50% and at 70%
Example of dilution at 30% would be 300ml of pure tung oil to 700ml of White Spirit or Turpentine or Limonene


Selection: Pure Tung Oil

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Tung Oil-500 500mL 13.95 € *
Tung Oil-5L 5L 109.90 € *

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