Carnauba Wax

Palm wax carnauba is hardest from all natural waxes. With melting point @86ºC carnauba improve rersistance to the temperature and aditional UV resistance. Carnauba is very versatile and known as "Queen of Waxes". Used in wide range of applications and products most known: shoe, floor and automotive industry polish and protectors, cosmetics, farmacy and it is an indispensable component in food industry to development of ´water based´ or emulsified waxes for fruit waxing (apples, citrus, cucumbers, bananas and others) in post-harvest treatments to prolong their lives and maintain their appearance and freshness, due it reduces transpiration and thus inhibits certain degree dehydration while helping preserve of bacterial and fungal diseases and maintains the natural shine of the fruit.

Carnauba widely used in restoration of furniture and wooden objects. Gives additional protection, shine does not seal pores and leaves wood breathable.

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