RC 40 Platinum Fast Silicone Mold Rubber PROMO

68.90 €

RC 40 Platinum Fast 1:1 addition cure silicone with hardness 40 ShA is designed for fast and fine detail reproduction
- Super fast cure WT: 7min, ST: 40Min
- Very low viscosity 6000cP, excellent reproduction
- High dimensional stability and long term stability
- Excellent mechanical characteristics of mold; easy to trim
- Extremely high tear strength and chemical resistance
- Remarkable resistance to high temperatures and aging
- Excellent anti-stick effect, Non Toxic 
Recommended to avoid sulpher-based modeling clays, latex products and tin-cure silicone near the Platinum addition cure silicones, while working with, avoid contamination of part A with part B. Introduction to Silicon Mold-Making

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