Pure Tung Oil

Tung oil (wood oil) is superior hard oil to care and protect unfinished and bare woods

• 100% natural, environmentally friendly and ideal for use on food contact objects
• Matt finish resistant to heat, water, alcohol, acids and alkalis
• Nourishes, harden and waterproofs allowing to breathe, protect from mold and fungi
• Do not significantly change the original color of the wood and will not darken
• Durable hard and flexible finishing, applicable for indoor and outdoor
• Perfect for waterproofing stone, concrete and cement
• Drying oil, polymerizes (hardens) by auto-oxidation upon exposure to air
• Cures faster in warm environments
• Direct sunlight can cause spontaneous polymerization and “frost effect"

Can be applied pure or diluted. To guarantee high penetration usually applied diluted at 50%. It depends on density of wood, we suggest 3 different dilutions: at 30%, at 50% and at 70%.
E.g. at 30% (300ml of pure tung oil to 700ml of white spirit, turpentine or limonene)

Tung oil is a natural and effective sealing waterproofing agent for stone and concrete. It is perfect Bio substitute for polyurethanes and other potentially dangerous sealants. Easy application and maintenance for all indoor and outdoor projects

Approximate yield 1L = 15M2, Total polymerization in 4-7 days

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Pure Tung Oil 0,5L 500mL 13.95 € *
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Pure Tung Oil 25L 25L 339.00 € *

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