Shellac Flakes

Lemon shellac contains 4-5% of wax, TN Gold shellac 2-3%

De-waxed Orange, Ruby, Garnet and Platina contains <0,2% of wax; better adhesion with variety of supports; gives an superior compatibility between varnishes; ideal as an primer for resins, release agent for silicones and perfect sealer for all woods; offer better transparency, enhanced hardness and moisture resistance, indicated for the manufacture of string instruments; de-waxed shellac is harder and needs 72H to dilute; heated mixture will dilute better and faster.

To disolve shellac we suggest purest alcohol possible at least 96º ethanol, better 99,9% methanol or isopropanol; 200-250gr to 1Liter. To improve properties and gloss of the varnish we suggest add 5-10% of benzoin gum; butanol can be added to extend working time. Color can be changed with alcohol-based anilines

Selection: Shellac Flakes

Product no. Options Price
TN Shellac 500 TN Gold Shellac 500gr 13.90 € *
Lemon Shellac 500 Lemon Shellac 500gr 13.90 € *
Orange Shellac 500 Orange Shellac 500gr 19.95 € *
Platina Shellac 200 Platina Shellac 200gr 15.90 € *
Platina Shellac 500 Platina Shellac 500gr 31.90 € *
Ruby Shellac 500 Ruby Shellac 500gr 19.95 € *
Garnet Shellac 500 Garnet Shellac 500gr 16.75 € *

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