Contrad 2000 Decon 90 Agente de Limpeza Avançado

Concentrated aqueous emulsion of highest quality anionic and non-ionic surfactants containing inorganic chemicals and stabilizing agents. Decon 90 and Contrad 2000 is a same formulation of non-corrosive, non-toxic, highly alkaline > pH 13, Bactericidal** and Biodegradable* surface active cleaning agent. Does NOT contain phosphates, enzymes, EDTA/NTA or chlorine bleaches and broadly used in restoration as an efficient cleaning product to remove oils, greases, carbonaceous, organic stains, variety of polymers and natural resins, waxes, venice turpentine, blood, fatty substances, glues and stains not removed with other cleaning agents. Also used as effective decontaminant to remove residues of most of degreasing mixtures, detergents and solvents.
This extraordinary detergent can be used in ivory, semi-precious stones, glass, natural and artificial stone materials (terracotta, ceramic, porcelain, etc.), rubbers, most plastics, stainless steel and ferrous metals. Not suitable for use on non-ferrous metals (notably aluminium and zinc), or on polycarbonate - see Neutracon -. In porous surfaces and for prolonged action use in gel  - see thickeners Carboxymethyl Cellulose and Carbopol Ultrez 21 -.
Prepare solution from 2% to 5% (preferably in demineralized water). Problem contaminants can be treated by increasing the solution strength from 10% to 20%.
Detergent can be applied with sponge, cotton pad, compress with cellulose pulp, gels or mixed with other cleaning agents; pure Decon 90 and Contrad 2000 and their emulsions with addition of wide range of polar and non-polar solvents can be used as an varnish remover or paint stripper.
All residues of Decon 90 and Contrad 2000 easly removed with water (preferably demineralized).
It is advisable not to let dry the solution on the objects and to rinse it with distilled water.

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