Cera Cire 213 restauro e cuidado de artefactos em pele

Developed by National Library of France, wax Cire 213 is specially recommended for the maintenance of leather. Emulsion based in balance of neat's foot oil and consolidating waxes which nourishes and rehydrates leather at the same time delivering essential elements which allow regenerate damaged dry and cracked leather to recover some of its suppleness. This wax has a neutral to slightly alkaline pH, ensuring perfect compatibility with leather. Cire 213 cannot be used to treat highly damaged leathers such as abraded, brittle or pulverulent leathers (see leather consolidant Klucel G) Restauro de pele BNF

Main Composition :
• Approx. 40% water
• 20% of neat foot oil
• Beeswax 10%
• Ortho-phenylphenol (fungicide) 2%
• Potassium oleate 1%
• Emulsifier

Selecção: Cera Cire 213 restauro e cuidado de artefactos em pele

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Cire 213 200ml 200ml 49,95 € *

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