Rustin's Tapa Poros 230Gr Concentrado em Pasta -50% PROMO

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Apply to wood before finishing to fill the pores, preventing “sinking” of the finish. Paste consisting of various fillers and pigments dispersed in an oleo-resinous medium. Wood that is to be filled should be cleaned with White Spirit and fine wire wool to ensure that it is free from grease and wax. Thin with White Spirit to a thin cream consistency and rub hard across the surface of the wood with a piece of coarse cloth. After a short while, remove the surplus filler with a cloth. It is important that no residue is left on the surface, as it would set very hard and could only be removed by sanding. One application is usually sufficient. Drying Time 5-6 hours. Leave for 12 hours before cutting back with fine sand paper. Consultar ficha do produto

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