Iriodin® pigmentos em pó de micas iridescentes 25gr 50ml

Pigmentos perlescentes permanentes de mica Iriodin® Pyrisma® e metalico Meoxal®
Mica based pearlescent permanent colours Iriodin® Pyrisma® and metallic Meoxal®

Pure powder pigments for Coatings with Unique Luster and Color Effects

Iriodin® is the classic effect pigment. The mica-based pearl luster pigments from Merck refine coatings for interior and exterior applications. In doing so, they create unique luster and color effects which otherwise only occur in nature – from silver-white, red and bronze-colored earth tones and interference to gold luster. The effect varies from silky smooth to glittery, depending on the particle size distribution. The interplay between transparency, refraction and multiple reflection determines the enormous variety of effects.

As shiny as pearl and mother-of-pearl
They certainly live up to their name: Iriodin® pearl luster pigments consist of thin platelets of the natural material mica, coated in a wafer-thin layer of metal oxide. This creates semi-transparent pigments which give a coating the soft, deep luster that is characteristic of pearls and mother-of-pearl. With its outstanding visual and technical properties, Iriodin® is used in a wide range of coating applications, especially in the automotive sector, architecture and other industrial sectors. Iriodin® pigments are also offered with an additional coating layer especially for exterior applications. These weather-resistant pigments thus fulfil the highest requirements of reproducibility and lasting color consistency. Iriodin® pearl luster pigments can be combined in a wide variety of ways with other colorings and a wide range of applications As well as coatings

Pyrisma® effect pigments from Merck are setting new standards in the world of interference effects, with extraordinary color saturation and color variety. Based on natural mica, this innovative pigment generation was developed especially for the requirements of the coating industry. It provides designers with new styling options while also offering technical performance and surface quality like never before.

Meoxal® F120-30 is the new member in the family of effect pigments from Merck. It captivates with its outstanding color saturation and exceptional brilliance. The individual particles, which are based on aluminum platelets, also create an elegant sparkle. With its innovative layer structure and optimized particle size distribution, Meoxal® can be applied in numerous coating applications – particularly in exterior applications and in the uncomplicated use in waterborne coating systems.

For exterior application use UV resistant: NEW Iriodin® 9300, Iriodin® 9323, Iriodin® 9307, Iriodin® 9327 and Meoxal® F120-30

Variações de produto
100 Silver Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 100 Silver Pearl 10-60µm
5,45 € *
111 Rutile Fine Satin 1-15µm
Cor: 111 Rutile Fine Satin 1-15µm
5,45 € *
123 Bright Lustre Satin 5-25µm
Cor: 123 Bright Lustre Satin 5-25µm
5,45 € *
225 Rutile Blue Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 225 Rutile Blue Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
235 Rutile Green Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 235 Rutile Green Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
Pyrisma® T30-25 Turquoise 5-35µm
Cor: Pyrisma® T30-25 Turquoise 5-35µm
10,30 € *
Pyrisma® T30-27 Indigo 5-35µm
Cor: Pyrisma® T30-27 Indigo 5-35µm
10,30 € *
201 Rutile Fine Gold 5-25µm
Cor: 201 Rutile Fine Gold 5-25µm
9,10 € *
300 Gold Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 300 Gold Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
(9)300 Gold Pearl WR 5-40µm
Cor: (9)300 Gold Pearl WR 5-40µm
16,90 € *
302 Gold Satin 5-25µm
Cor: 302 Gold Satin 5-25µm
9,10 € *
303 Royal Gold 10-60µm
Cor: 303 Royal Gold 10-60µm
9,10 € *
(9)323 Royal Gold Satin SW 5-25µm
Cor: (9)323 Royal Gold Satin SW 5-25µm
15,90 € *
305 Solar Gold 10-60µm
Cor: 305 Solar Gold 10-60µm
9,90 € *
325 Solar Gold Satin  5-25µm
Cor: 325 Solar Gold Satin 5-25µm
12,90 € *
306 Olympic Gold 10-60µm
Cor: 306 Olympic Gold 10-60µm
9,10 € *
326 Olympic Gold Satin 5-25µm
Cor: 326 Olympic Gold Satin 5-25µm
11,90 € *
(9)307 Star Gold SW 5-40μm
Cor: (9)307 Star Gold SW 5-40μm
16,90 € *
(9)327 Fine Star Gold SW 5-25μm
Cor: (9)327 Fine Star Gold SW 5-25μm
16,90 € *
351 Sunny Gold Pearl 5-100µm
Cor: 351 Sunny Gold Pearl 5-100µm
9,10 € *
F120-30 Taklamakan Gold 5-30μm
Cor: F120-30 Taklamakan Gold 5-30μm
23,95 € *
(7)217 Ultra Copper Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: (7)217 Ultra Copper Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
500 Bronze Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 500 Bronze Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
504 Red Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 504 Red Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *
600 Black Pearl 10-60µm
Cor: 600 Black Pearl 10-60µm
9,10 € *

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