Kraton G1650 EU Polímero (SEBS)

Kraton G polymers deliver high strength excellent UV and heat stability. These polymers have excellent impact properties and are often used to enhance impact performance, especially in cold temperatures. KRATON G1650 EU is new hydrogenated version and the strongest reference of Kraton G polymers. This improved second generation of styrenic block copolymers with a midblock of styrene-ethylene/butylene-styrene (SEBS) intended for use where UV resistance, high service temperature and processing stability are essential. Kraton G1650 EU modifier added to waxes, oils and varnishes provide thickening, solid, shear thinning and film-forming behaviors, enhance the flexibility, improve processability, scratch and impact resistance, cushioning properties as well as toughener and moisture barrier for a final coat. Kraton G1650 EU increases the varnishes viscosity which yields a better feeling varnish when applying by brush. Kraton G1650 EU can be added in the range of 1-10% by weight. Pre-dissolve the Kraton G Polymer in a small amount of high aromatic solvent such as xylene, toluene, shellsol A, etc.

e.g. High perfomance varnishes with added flexibility, superior scratch and impact resistance can be formulated with addition of Kraton G 1650 EU polymer to Regalrez Hydrocarbon Resin

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Kraton G1650EU 50G 50gr 6,90 € *
Kraton G1650EU 1K 1Kg 49,90 € *

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