Everbuild Wood Stain 750Ml


Everbuild Wood Stain 750Ml

(Cor: Wood Stain 750ml)

Everbuild Quick Drying Wood Stain is a professional, low solvent wood stain that enhances the natural qualities of wood, and provides long lasting protection. The weatherproof protection provided also gives a crack and peel resistant finish and excellent resistance to ultra violet light degredation. Ideal for use on smooth planed exterior and interior timber, such as doors, window frames, architectual timbers, conservatories etc. Under normal weathering conditions provide protection for up to 5 years. 

The Everbuild range of Wood Stain's now also features a Maintenance Clear Coat - that protects and enhances wood without colouring or darkening.

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Cor: Carvalho Claro
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Wood Stain 750ml
Cor: Wood Stain 750ml

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