3M 471 Fita para marcação e contornos 33M

3M 471 Vinyl Tape offers good solvent resistance for application protection and longer product life. Fine line tape that is highly conformable and is excellent for masking off areas for extreme details while minimizing paint creap.  Uniquely constructed, for outstanding paint line definition. The most flexible and conformable, it provides masking protection for complex curved lines, sharp curves, irregularly shaped panels, over rivets and into seams. This tape is a must for anyone doing custom graphics, pinstriping, flames, and many other custom designs. Tape delivers clean removal.

Selecção: 3M 471 Fita para marcação e contornos 33M

Código do produto Referência Preço
3M-471AZ3 3mm 6,90 € *
3M-471AZ6 6mm 10,90 € *

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