Consolidante Nanolime CaLoSiL®

Consolidante Nanolime CaLoSiL®

CaLoSiL® is a ready to use stone consolidant, which contains calcium hydroxide nano-particles stably dispersed in different alcohols. Microfine nano particle sizes range from 50 to 250 nm, which guarantees good penetration, even in materials with low porosity. Solid calcium hydroxide layers are formed after evaporation of the alcohols. These convert into calcium carbonate by reaction with atmospheric carbon dioxide.
All CaLoSiL® products are fully compatible. They are intermixable and can be diluted by alcohols.
Manufacturer lists that CaLoSiL® can be stored for at least 6 months. If/when sedimentation occurs (visible by the formation of a clear liquid zone above a white residue), redispersion is possible without any problems by simple shaking or by using ultrasonics.

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