Adesivo PVA Acid-Free Reversível pH Neutro 7.0

New formula of acid-free PVA adhesive with better adhesiveness and flexibility, designed for use in conservation, bookbinding, fine art and archival applications. Dries clear, stays flexible;  non-plasticised re-moistenable and reversible with water (film cleans up with warm water).
Acid-Free will not discolor paper and other surfaces, will not become brittle or turn yellow with age. Offer excellent lay-flat properties to keep curling or waves in the paper to a minimum. To slow down drying, increase viscosity and working time mix with methylcellulose, Tylose MH300 or rice starch paste (wheat paste). Use it to repair books, make boxes, adhere paper to paper or cloth to wood, fill cracks in art canvases; can also be applied to general uses.
Ficha Técnica

- Forma filme flexível, transparente, altissima adesão ao suporte
- pH neutro pH7.0; isento de acidez; não amarelece; 100% reversível
- 44% de sólidos; óptima viscosidade e trabalhabilidade

Selecção: Adesivo PVA Acid-Free Reversível pH Neutro 7.0

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Acid-Free PVA 1KG 1Kg 24,00 € *
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Acid-Free PVA 5KG 5Kg 105,95 € *

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