HXTAL NYL-1 Epoxy Optical Adhesive

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Ultra Pure Museum Grade Optical Epoxy Adhesive  HXTAL NYL-1 TDS Technical Specifications

Unique water clear non-yellowing adhesive, varnish and filler.

HXTAL NYL-1 created by Herbert Hillery over 30 years ago, de facto standard and world leader in optical epoxies for art glass, restoration and conservation of glass, ceramic and jewellery.

Avoid contamination; do not use wooden sticks and metal mixing rods. Store HXTAL NYL-1 in cool place

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HXTAL NYL-1 120GR KIT 120gr 84.50 € *
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HXTAL NYL-1 PRO KIT 4,5Kg 1,995.00 € *

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