Plastazote® LD45 White 2000 x 1000mm

Plastazote® LD45 is closed cell highest density 45kg/m³ techical foam thermoformable at 150ºC. Plastazote® LD45 is cross-linked polyethylene foam manufactured using unique production process with exceptional cell size uniformity, high purity and outstanding physical attributes. It can be easily cut and shaped to create cavities for safely cradling three dimensional objects. Recognised and used in conservation for many applications such as transportation of artworks, display supports, lining shelves, drawers and boxes, is safe for long-term protecting in archival storage. Plastazote® LD45 is lightweight, UV stable, dense, yet flexible, and resistant to chemicals and water.


Selection: Plastazote® LD45 White 2000 x 1000mm

Product no. Reference Price
Plastazote LD45-6MM 6mm 19.90 € *
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Plastazote LD45-12MM 12mm 39.90 € *
Plastazote LD45-28MM 28mm 89.90 € *

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